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as among one of the first member of this website. i believe i am more eligible to explain how does betzop works.

betzop is a like a social network + betting site + sports forum all together added with a rewarding section so you get rewarded for everything you post and do within the website.

Betting function is allows you to bet against other user and sports forum discussions sections let us discuss various topics and good part we get rewarded for each content we post,. and the same reward which is credited as token instantly can be use to withdraw or bet on games .

i hope this helps and i am also very active on my profile page.

11 months ago

I think betzop is best betting site thus far, this is easy and very good concept for sports betting, i have bet on multiple games and if i win i get paid if not i lost but my lost is other player(peer) gain and peers loss is my game, the concept is pretty much as same as we do in normal life bet with a friend in college day but here we get paid for sure(no friends can make any excuses) good one betzop. gotta refer all my mates to this website

11 months ago

i figured out, its contest between players and not bookies, it makes a good sense contesting sports bets against peers so the game will remain one on one

11 months ago